Knysna Quays Protea Hotel
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Knysna Quays Protea Hotel   

The Knysna Quays Protea Hotel is the primary investment within the Knysnadoc Fund. The Knysnadoc portion of this upmarket hotel offers 29 income-generating rooms and is situated in a prime location at the Knysna Waterfront. The Knysna Quays Protea Hotel proved to be an invaluable investment and a decision was taken to make an additional investment of a further 30% interest in the Body Corporate Trust which owns the restaurant, bar area and foyer of the hotel.

A four star hotel, it has positioned itself well in order to take full advantage of both the business community and the tourist community. Incorporating conference facilities side by side with its entertainment facilities such as swimming pool, restaurant – bar, and tourist services, the hotel sees a good volume of traffic throughout the year. As a result, the Knysna Quays Protea Hotel has proved to be a worthy investment as the primary investment vehicle. The rental returns have continued to effectively service the bond requirements throughout its history.